Aircraft Finance

New or Used Aircraft Finance

Are you looking to purchase a new aircraft or upgrade your current one? Perhaps you’re looking for financing to purchase new aircraft parts such as engines, avionics, fuselage, etc. Oxcel Finance offers a variety of loan structures for private aircraft financing including attractive fixed rates and flexible options. Our team of financial experts will assist you in finding suitable aircraft finance packages for you.

Boat Finance

We provide financing for the following:

  • Helicopters.
  • Private aircraft or corporate jets.
  • Single/Twin-engine aircraft.
  • Turboprop aircraft.
  • Crop dusters
  • Cargo haulers
  • Sky writers
  • Ground equipment such as hangers, aircraft tugs, fuel trucks, fuel storage tanks, simulators, leasehold buildings.
  • Aircraft repairs

Why Choose Oxcel For Aircraft Financing?

  • Fair, Competitive & Flexible Aircraft Loan Packages
  • Attractive Rates
  • Access to Suitable Aviation Financiers in Australia
  • Dedicated and Experienced Team of Financial Professionals
  • 24/7 VIP Support

Feel free to contact us via our hotline 1800 010 001 for more information on the suitable aircraft finance packages for you.

Wanna get a new Aircraft?

Apply now for a pre-approval, No Obligation, No upfront credit hit


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Some of the benefits of car finance via Oxcel Finance

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow

Our team is serving no matter where you are in Australia, we are 100% online & paperless.

Financial Flexibility

Our lenders have a wide range of options that give you flexibility including early termination fees, variable loan terms and the ability to add a residual.

Lifetime Support

Don’t get left alone to figure out how much you owe, changing your details, or assessing your changeover options; we’re here for you over the life of your loan.

Common questions about Aircraft Finance

We do not charge clients but get paid brokerage & commission by the lenders where different lenders pay us differently & brokerage is included into the loan amount.
The commission doesn’t impact your rate where some lenders offer us Volume Based Incentives (VBI) for writing above a certain amount loan.

A Aircraft Finance (which can be referred to as a secured loan if security is sought by the lender) involves a finance company lending you the money to purchase the asset and retaining security over it for the life of the loan. Aircraft Finance can be arranged for both personal use (such as a consumer loan) or business use (such as a chattel mortgage).

By taking out a loan to finance your next boat you can reduce your overall cash outlay which you may want to use for other purposes (such as taking a holiday!). If you’re a business, a boat loan may improve your cash flow, as well as potentially allowing you to claim a tax deduction for the asset (check with your accountant for eligibility).

Aircraft Finance should allow you to set your term based on your needs, provide a fixed repayment schedule, allow for a residual (or balloon) as well as offer you the ability to repay your loan early depending on the lender.

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