1. Toyota Hilux

Toyota tends to dominate, claiming 20.6% of market shares. This year both the Hilux and Land Cruiser was just behind the Ford Ranger in popularity, and that could change as Toyota offers such a diversity of product. Features include cruise control, road sign assist, lane departure alert steering assist, key-free entry, an 8-inch color touch screen display. If you are planning your new Toyota purchase for 2o22 contact Oxcel Finance soon to get your car loan in place so that you are ready when the market stabilizes.

2. Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger has so many features including Bluetooth, a Pedestrian sensor, lane-keeping, traffic sign recognition. This vehicle is extremely popular with tradesmen and farmers as a heavy-duty vehicle to suit all terrains. All the new cars have excellent Canstar safety ratings, and the Toyota Hilux is no exception.

Australia's Top 20 Choice of Cars

3. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has heated seats, Bluetooth. A useful multi-terrain system that helps to control wheel spin, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system, and a center console cold box, very handy when you are driving the kids on a long road trip. They can access a cold drink and watch a movie, and everyone will have a much more relaxing drive.


4. Toyota Corolla

Such a great car for moving around the city, the features include pedestrian detection, road sign assist to detect speed limit, automatic high beams. Now there is an app available to help you find your car in a crowded parking lot. The Corolla has changed so much over the last 15 years but has always been so very reliable. Some families keep them for 8 years or more, and the engines just keep on running. It is much safer to trade them in and purchase a new one, as cars are no longer really expensive. If you are planning a Toyota Corolla purchase get in early, they make great fleet cars and the Government continually orders them.


5. Hyundai 130

This car has Hyundai Smart Sense, to help you maintain a safe distance from the car in front. It has Bluetooth, a reverse camera, and Apple Car Play. Hyundai is planning to have hydrogen fuel cell models of all commercial vehicles by 2028. So if you have a car loan calculator, now is the time to think about a new Hyundai for next year.


6. Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain

Includes Apple and Android smartphone connectivity, Emergency Breaking, and rear differential lock. This is a stand-out model very practical for tradesmen. giving a much-improved cabin ride. It produces maximum torque between 1600rpm and 2600rpm, In the cabin, it has some extras, like grab handles to aid entry to the seat, and storage bins, to store belongings.


7. Toyota Rav-4

This Rav-4 features optional petrol-electric hybrid technology for fuel efficiency and multi-terrain options. Bluetooth and Apple connectivity are also available, making it an easy small car to get around town in. Over the years the Rav-4 has improved enormously and is very popular with young drivers.


8. Hyundai Tuscon

The base model includes a touchscreen entertainment system with Apple CarPlay, 17-inch alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, emergency braking, blind-spot assist, rear reversing sensors, and lane-keeping assist. There is a normal size spare wheel and remote folding second-row seats. This is a great car to get the family around town in, it holds the road well and you feel safe when driving it.


9. Mitsubishi ASX

Includes an 8-inch touchscreen, reversing camera, 18-inch alloys, cruise control, and leather steering wheel. All on the basic model. There are further extra options like a sunroof, heated front seats available.


10.Nissan X-Trail

Features 17-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and LED tail lights, cup holders, rearview camera. &7 inch touchscreen display, anti-lock

Braking system and forward-collision warning.


11. Ford Puma GT-Line

The new SUV is a sleek vehicle with a sleek interior and has a 12-inch digital driver’s display, giving the car a high-tech feel, and it is powerful to drive.

Top 20 Choice of Cars

12. Ford Mustang R-Spec

This car is evocative of the old days when a V8 engine and big exhausts reigned supreme. Rear-wheel drive, twin exhausts, and fluro paint went with the territory. Ford developed the Mustang R-Spec, in the process the 5-liter V8 received a full makeover with boosted performance. It comes with 6-speed manual gears, as it has so much power. It has been lowered 20mm with large diameter stabilizer bars. The 19-inch alloy wheels keep it on the road without compromising the ride quality. When you put your foot on the pedal it exhibits a strange guttural snarl. This will be an exceedingly attractive vehicle to the young as it is so powerful, and you won’t miss the colors when you see it on road.


13. Kia Sorento Sport

The 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel Kia Sorento is safe and practical and will appeal to Kia drivers. The engine is quiet, and it now sits on a longer wheelbase. Inside the car, there is a lot more attention to detail than there has been in the past. Second and third-row passengers get their own air-con vents and USB outlets. It has many safety features including blind-spot collision avoidance and lane-keeping assistance and emergency braking. The car is like a station wagon for bitumen, not a car to drive off-road. The steering in this model has improved, delivering a tighter feel when driving. The whole Sorento range has a 5-star ANCAP rating.


14. Genesis G70 3.3T V6 Sport

If you are a high-profile sportsman or woman, this is the car for you. The car was launched a couple of years ago and has already undergone a massive makeover. It now has quad design lights, and 19-inch alloys with Michelin Pilot sport tires to enhance its look. It is quite expensive and

you may need to look for the suitable car loan. When you purchase you get five years 50,000km complementary servicing and 24-hour valet service and roadside assist.


15. Hyundai Kona EV

This car has a single electric engine and is tailored for the city and country with sporty driving dynamics. The electric engine responds fast, and it is able to handle some rough roads. When seated in the car, the driving position feels higher but comfortable and if you drive around a lot it has a regenerative braking system. Hyundai now offers the Kona EV with a smaller battery 39.2kWh, and this could be the work car for you, as it is both comfortable and economical, apply for a business loan Oxcel Finance company.


16. Audi RS5 Sportback

This car has a twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, this is a comfortable car that is also quiet cruising along. The seats are firm and keep you in a driving position, and it is a great car to go for a day trip to the country. It has a five-star safety rating and will be very popular with V8 fans.


17. Audi SQ 2

A 2 liter 4 cylinder turbo vehicle, The audio has 19-inch alloy wheels snd 100 km/h sprint in 4.9 seconds. It is fitted with a bi-modal exhaust and quad outlets. The interior of the car is sporty with bolstered front sports seats finished in black and red leather. With a fat-rimmed steering wheel. It has double the power of the earlier model and corners beautifully. It is exciting to drive, and fast it will appeal to many people who just love to drive. it is not exorbitantly expensive, but competitively priced and will be the ideal car for childless couples and singles.


18. Subaru Outback Touring

Like the liberty Wagon but with extra ground clearance this is a great off-road choice. This would be a great vehicle to explore a fire trail, and better than most SUVs giving an even distribution to all wheels when driving on rough terrain. It tailors throttle inputs and torque and has hill descent control. The new body style offers safety features and comes with an ANCAP 5 star safety score. Over the years Subaru has become better and better, and if you want to go off-road safely, this is a very good choice of a safe vehicle without purchasing a massive 4WD.


19. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022

Earlier in the year Jeep announced that it would be releasing a new model in 2022. The redesigned model is expected to debut in the first half of the year showing the first redesign since 2011. It will be returning after nearly 30 years without the wooden paneling. It will have three rows of seats an SUV to compete with other similar vehicles. Many people can’t wait to see it, and if you are considering buying one, get your suitable car loan by contacting Oxcel Finance for a quote. For big families, this vehicle will have plenty of room, and you will be finally able to plan that trip around Australia pulling your campervan, which will feel so good after lockdown.


20. Hummer 2022

In the USA Startup Rivian is releasing an electric Hummer in the form of a mid-size pickup, crossover SUV. With a 135-kwh battery pack, and an estimated 300-mile range. This looks like a serious work vehicle and many people in Australia will be waiting to purchase it when it is released.

Like all Hummers, it will be expensive here, but Hummer has gained a following, and there are quite a few around the suburbs, mostly in the form of stretch limousines. Because of the chip shortages leading to supply delays, sales this year have been quite modest. The next year 2022 is shaping up to be very exciting in the motor industry. In Australia, we have been deprived of our new vehicles in 2021 and are ready and waiting for 2022.


Pent up Demand

Because of the pent-up demand, if you are planning a car loan or a business loan for a car, it is better to lodge your application now to get approval for the first quarter of next year. As when we reach 2022 you will be ready and waiting for your new car to arrive and the team at Oxelfinance.com.au will be able to broker the right deal for you and your company. With interest rates so low, there has never been a better time to buy a car than now. Modern cars have so many smart features that they often seem to be trying to tell us what their problem is. If you have a sluggish battery you can call and get it replaced by an expert at home. There are now mobile mechanics and other services who will come to your house, and check your car over. Most cars only require an annual service. Some have a five-year service guarantee.



When purchasing your new car you will want to make an informed decision, so it is a good idea to read widely and ask the experts. Lockdown has made us all very impatient to be back on the road, and now that summer is coming traveling is once again on our agenda. You will be able to map out your road trip for the family soon. Before you do, get your car checked to make sure that it is ready for the road, as you probably haven’t used it as much lately, and you will want to check that the tires are roadworthy.