Are you a car loan seeker in Australia? Oxcel Finance is ready to serve being the leading brokers in the country for auto financing. Our goal is to make sure you do not only scroll through your favorite vehicles over the internet but bring your dream car home with easily manageable and affordable auto loans. We make the confusing process of car financing as easy as pie for our highly esteemed clients.

Car FinanceThere are multiple car financing options offered in Australia by the automobile dealerships and financial institutions such as banks. Car loans, lease agreements and personal loans can be opted not only for new cars but also for the certified and pre-owned ones. Here, we will guide you about a few considerable options and how Oxcel Finance can assist you in going through all the formalities and procedures and minimizing the messy paperwork. You can go for personal or car loan from any commercial bank in Australia or can consider the dealership financing option. Another way is to buy the car on your credit card and go for a step-by-step (SBS) plan for its payment. It is also worth noting that when you are backed by Oxcel Finance, we will not let your bad credit score become a hindrance in the way of getting a car financing plan, whichever it is.

Now, the question is whether you should buy a car through a financing plan or keep on saving your hard earned money till you become able to make a cash purchase? Of course, getting your car financed is the most recommended option instead of spending a large sum of money at once. There are multiple factors and reasons that justify this opinion including inflation, car depreciation, payment convenience and cash saving for emergency needs. All of these make the car financing decision truly worth it.

Apart from getting your vehicle financed through your credit card or a personal/car loan, dealership financing is also a good option. This is quite a simpler way for a car loan seeker in Australia to get their dream car. The biggest reason behind its quickness and simplicity is that it is a one window solution. On the contrary, when you opt for a personal or car loan, you make a liaison between the credit issuing authority such as the bank and the dealership. The possibility of getting a car loan in this case also depends upon the decision of loan issuing authority, such as the bank manager. Besides, in a dealership financing plan, all your credit needs are handled by the dealership and no third party is involved in it. Furthermore, it is more economical in terms of monthly installments and interest rates.

Whether you are planning to buy your first car or to upgrade the existing one in order to add comfort and luxury to your daily commute, Oxcel Finance has got you covered. Our team of highly experienced professionals will guide you about various car financing plans, balloon payments and lease agreements and will help in choosing the suitable one for you.