Oxcel Finance partners with suitable and one of them is Australian Credit Lawyers (ACL)and the team at ACL are highly experienced, professional and can help you remove your defaults, court judgments and invalid credit inquiries which not only can help you to secure a loan but at way better rate.

How Australian Credit Lawyers can help you

  • Defaults

Defaults are late payments on your credit history list that can decrease your odds of getting a loan.

  • Court Judgments

Court judgments in your credit file indicate high risk and reveal you have agreed without legal intervention because you failed to repay your credit provider.

  • Invalid Credit Inquiries

Invalid Credit Inquiries are unauthorized, made by someone else, or it’s added incorrectly on your file.

Sebastian Mathews from ACL says …

“Our team of reliable credit lawyers can help you identify negative items, fix errors, file disputes, improve your credit score, and get finance. We also provide advice on how to manage your credit and maintain a good credit score so you can stay on top of your finances.

There are several reasons why you should choose Australian Credit Lawyers from the many credit repair services available. If you’re new to credit repair, we can help review your credit record, identify issues, and create a credit fix strategy tailored for your specific financial situation.”

ACL also offers for our valued clients “No fix No Pay” policy and to get a free assessment of your credit health (Worth $199), click here an obligation-free service.