Car, boat, caravan or ute Insurance

Have a peace of mind being covered

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Oxcel Finance can provide Comprehensive Car Insurance with great benefits, such as optional coverage and discounts.

Purchase Price Insurance

In the event that your car is “written off”, you can protect yourself against a potential deficit between the purchase price of your vehicle and the payout from your Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Gap Insurance

If your vehicle is totalled or stolen, and you owe more than the car’s depreciated worth, gap insurance might help you pay off your loan. However, only the original loan or leaseholder on a new car is eligible for this type of coverage. Gap insurance helps pay the difference between your car’s depreciated value and the amount you still owe on it.

Consumer Credit Insurance

Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) covers your payments in the event of death, permanent disability or loss of income due to injury, illness or involuntary unemployment. Your CCI policy may pay the outstanding balance in a lump sum or cover your repayments for a specified period of time.

Lease Protection Insurance

Lease Protection Insurance is a low-cost insurance coverage that protects your vehicle lease repayments if you are unable to meet up with payments.