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Buy a new car & save

Smarter new car buying & management

Finding the tailored car can be time consuming, and we know you have better things to do than trawling the dealerships on your weekends!

That’s where our new car buying and management service carconnect can help. They provide you with an online car buying service unlike any other including;

  • Saving you thousands on new, used or demo vehicles by sourcing prices from hundreds of dealers across all vehicle manufacturers, including access to fleet purchasing and discounts.
  • You’ll have visibility over the whole process, allowing you to view their transparent pricing structure and unique tendering portal.
  • They can organise trade-ins as a separate transaction and will provide you with three independent quotes, so you can ensure you’re getting the suitable deal.
  • Direct to your doorstep delivery options with a full tank of fuel and genuine floor mats.
  • Management services as well as fuel and maintenance.

Call 1800 010 001 & press 3 to discuss about new car purchases.

Buy a new car & save